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What is affiliate marketing and why is it so hard for cannabusiness?

Affiliate marketing is more than an online marketing solution – it’s about creating relationships between consumers and the companies (called advertisers) and affiliates (called publishers, meaning anyone who promotes advertisers) that offer products or services a consumer might want.

The New Paradigm of Marketing for Cannabusiness

Advertisers engage in affiliate marketing to incentivize their fans and/or networks of publishers to promote their business, usually via a unique link that connects a customer back to a particular publisher’s website, blog, or social media account. Publishers get a cut of the profits an advertiser generates from any customers who originated from that unique link; affiliate links can also be connected to a banner ad or other piece of promotional content.

The affiliate process is difficult for hemp CBD companies for multiple reasons:

“Cannabis only” affiliate networks aren’t true affiliate networks.

Most are “pay to play” networks that focus on pay-per-click (PPC), cost-per-click (CPC), and pay-per-thousand-impressions (CPM), requiring a big investment up front.

In return for that risk are ultra-low payouts and an “affiliate” environment that forces you to pay for traffic that never generates sales. Most don’t maximize their programs for advertiser performance either, which forces publishers to constantly chase down payments.

There’s a tech barrier to entry.

Most CBD companies are startups, and don’t have the team to implement and monitor yet another piece of software. Most of their resources are spent fulfilling orders.

Hemp is (incorrectly) lumped together with marijuana.

Because marijuana is illegal under federal law, big search engines and social media companies won’t allow  “dangerous” products like cannabis to be advertised.

Hemp CBD, which is legal nationwide, is unfairly caught in the same wide net, severely limiting options for both advertisers (CBD companies) and publishers (promotion companies).

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Advertisers are left with two choices:

Buying ad inventory direct from publishers, or working with clunky, limited “cannabis only” ad networks. This leads to advertisers paying for untargeted traffic that does not convert into sales.

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Options for publishers are similarly limited:

To “cannabis only” ad networks. These networks have low payouts and only fill partial inventory, forcing publishers to join multiple self-hosted programs, and endlessly chasing down reporting, creatives, and payment from many different locations.

It's smooth sailing ahead: Get results and revenue to support your long-term growth!

We’re working to make affiliate marketing a win-win for hemp and cannabis.

HempOffers a true, holistic, equitable affiliate network, with reasonable payouts and no CPM restrictions. You pay on conversions only, and that means there’s little-to-no risk to you. 

In short, if you don’t make money you don’t have to pay.

In return, we assess a modest override fee that’s a percentage of gross sales. There are no hidden charges, and no sketchy billing – ever. Just streamlined invoicing, billing, and payment for everyone.

Performance-based, so you can go further & set yourself apart from the crowd.

Here’s how HempOffers works for you and with you, as a partner.

We think of ourselves first and foremost as a relationship facilitator. We help connect hemp CBD companies with online marketing opportunities, and savvy publishers with top-tier products and brands.

We believe that when the right companies meet the right audiences, amazing things can happen – like increased conversions and better program performance.

Our goal is to make HempOffers as easy and as profitable as possible for everyone involved:

For Publishers

You supply the creative and the offers you want to advertise, we’ll do the rest! HempOffers provides software to host and track performance-based offers and access to publishers Sign up now!

For Advertisers

We offer one-stop-shop for multiple cannabis affiliate programs. We help connect publishers to advertiser offers, robust tracking and reporting, and management of the entire payment process (from advertiser to publisher) for one paycheck. Sign up now!

We believe we provide a competitive advantage for your business

The cannabis market in 2016 was worth $6.7 billion. Upon recreational legalization, California is expected to 10X Colorado’s existing legal cannabis market of $1 billion. The hemp CBD industry alone in 2016 generated $130 million in sales, and is expected to grow to $2.1 billion by 2020.

Build strong relationships, max sales, fuel growth... and have fun doing it!
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Industry knowledge and marketing savvy

Our publishers and advertisers are beneficiaries of decades of collective experience in the hemp and cannabis industries.

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Authority positioning

We work with one of the top publishers in the hemp CBD space, CBDOilReview.org, boasting 100k unique visitors a month and growing.

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Strong relationships

Let us leverage our long-standing relationships with top advertisers and publishers in cannabis and hemp CBD.

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We’re first movers AND fast followers

There are many “firsts”, but few “bests.” Until HempOffers, there wasn’t a strong centralized place for advertisers and publishers to exchange services.

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Innovative solutions

We’re constantly innovating content strategy, brand development, and social media marketing options.


HempOffers provides diverse, high-paying offers to help our publishers maximize earnings from highly targeted audiences.
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Host your own affiliate program with our partner Publishers, let us manage tracking and payouts, pay only for what converts.
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